4 Annotations for English Literature in APA Format – Examples

Annotations are not very difficult to write but mostly many find it difficult to take out some points from lengthy literature articles. If you have the habit of highlighting the unique and essential points, then you are already halfway to mastering this skill of writing annotations.

In an annotated bibliography, you are supposed to read the text and then write it critically. It's like you are going through a whole book but you only select the points that put life into the whole story.

If you want, you can read the annotation samples that are provided by the online undergraduate essay writing service websites. You just need to visit these websites and read their sample for guidance.

Otherwise here are some sample examples that might help you in writing a good annotation.

Annotation for English Literature

Boldrini, L. (1991). “ The Sisters” and the" Inferno": An Intertextual Network. Style, 453–465.

Lucia Boldrini in her article “The sisters'' and the “Inferno”: An International Network” has explained that the inter-relationships between the texts can have a very interesting outcome as the readers will learn new concepts and views. She has tried to create a link between the poem “Inferno” by Dante and “The sisters'' so that the readers can understand the semantic depth of the texts (Boldrini, 1991).

It will open them to new interpretations and in literature, it will open new ways of interpretation. To conduct the research, the author has relied on qualitative research in which she has compared two texts of literature. The research finds out, these two pieces of literature are different and written by different authors but there are multiple references that are present in both texts. 

The research is relevant to my paper because it tells about the relationship between two different works which opens up a new way for interpretations. A good ‘write essay for me’ help providers, help the students learn better, and implement their learning in their work.

Parry, B. (1985). The politics of representation in A Passage to India. In A Passage to India (pp. 27–43). Springer.

In the article “The Politics of Representation in A Passage to India”, the author has discussed the authentic portrayals of Indian land and the critique on the imperialistic agenda. The narrative is not very simple as it is a political discourse that sheds light on the “ideological constructs and not a truthful, moral account of the reality” (Parry, 1985). 

The methodology used to conduct the research is qualitative in which the author relies on multiple theories to prove the main stance. The study finds out that in novels, there is a system regarding the textual practices which helps a certain class or culture to instigate its dominance on the subordinates. 

That’s why in the novel, the Indians are shown as more superstitious and emotional. This research is related to my work as it tells about the political discourses and how novels are used as a source to perpetuate certain political ideologies. 


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Carnes, V. (1970). Time and Language in Milton’s Paradise Lost. ELH, 37(4), 517–539.

In this article, the writer has tried to investigate the role of history and time in providing an insight into the novel or poetry. By looking at the text, its time period, and its history, the author has examined the traditional approaches of Milton’s poetry. 

To conduct this research, a qualitative method is used in which the researcher relied on the poem and theories to prove the claim. 

The research finds out that due to the complexity of the epic, the readers forget to notice the traditional appeal of poetry but time and history have a huge influence on the poem. There are a number of ideas about time and history afloat in the atmosphere in “Paradise Lost” (Carnes, 1970). 

The research is relevant to my research because it tells about the relevance of time and history in communicating the message of the text. Working with a ‘write my essay’ service will help you understand better.

Wei, L. (2016). TS Eliot’s ‘obscurity in the love song of J. Alfred Prufrock. International Journal of Applied Linguistics and English Literature, 5(4), 38–47.

In this annotation, you are going to follow the same format that has been mentioned in the above annotations. It consists of four parts:

  1. Research questions
  2. Methodology
  3. Results or findings
  4. How it related to your research

The annotation for the literature is not difficult as you have to focus on a few important things. For your convenience, a few annotated bibliography examples are mentioned above. You can follow the guidelines and format and your annotation is ready to submit.

Many of you don’t understand how to take out the important points from an article of more than ten pages. You can just read the abstract and conclusion or you can contact any website for online essay writing. They can help you out by assisting in getting all the information about your topic or the article. It’s up to you which method you choose to write.

You don’t need to worry about the annotation work if you don’t know how to do it. Just read the example and you will be able to point out the main points for your work. Besides, you can also hire a professional essay writer for help.


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